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The Muad-Dib Concentrate Box contains all that you have to effortlessly, rapidly, and securely vaporize concentrates, oils, and natural extracts*. No light is required! A small, stick head-sized sum is all you requirement for an astounding background. The Muad-Dib utilizes a similar basic, protected innovation as the Launch Box, however with a littler and client replaceable screen structure that vaporizes amasses in as meager as three seconds. The Muad-Dib utilizes indistinguishable batteries from the Launch Box, yet definitely enhances battery life, permitting you in excess of fifty uses on a solitary charge. It likewise includes a brushed-metal cover, an optical-review focal point, and a metal bowl-embed that makes cleaning a snap. Because of the high warmth created by this vaporizer, a 1.5 ft. dark, silicone draw whip with metal finishes is incorporated into place of an attract stem to help cool the vapor stream.